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Maya Dicks know Cocktails!

After a long day of sun and surf, Maya Dick's is the perfect place to unwind, chat with friends, argue with the wait staff and just simply hang out on our oversized deck. We feature 39 varieties of tequila covering the complete range of silver, gold, reposato, anejo and ultra anejo. Our lovely table roving Tequila-Rita has a bandolier of light up shot glasses, a holster of premium tequila and the cunning to offer you a unique MD tequila shooter experience.

Take our El Penisis Grande Challenge!

Itís Maya Dickís delicious signature cocktail and itís the drink that made us famous. You have 15 minutes to eat a Red Serrano pepper (approx 30,000 Scofield units) and wash it down with two El Penisis Grande cocktails. We reward your courage with an authentic Maya Dicks tee shirt.

Try our Maya Dicks El Penis Grande recipe at home!
1 oz Souza Gold Tequila
1 oz Bacardi Silver Rum
1 oz Triple Sec
1 oz Pomegranate Juice
3 oz Orange Juice

A generous splash of Grenadine and shaken with crushed ice

Garnish with a slice of Blood Orange
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